Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Putting NYE together...

Ordered this in November...strictly for New Years!
{whether I was going out or not!}

My beautiful & {very stylish} mother-in-law got me this
fabulous faux fur for Christmas!!!!

Had my eye on this Super sassy clutch for a while...

a little jet black nail polish to finish it all off...
here ya go!  I was pretty pleased!
Comfortable, decently warm, and VERY festive!

Terrible picture...
but, here is my hubby & I at my sister in laws house before hittin the town!

Had a wonderful dinner with a few friends...good food...great drinks...fabulous conversation...
and a lot of laughs!
Then downstairs to this little dance club with great wood high top tables...sparkley chandeliers...
loud music...& this perfect little dance floor!
After that, we managed to push our way to downtown Royal Oak, where they were having this
"mini New York ball drop"! 
It was great!  
The Gin Blossoms and The Romantics were playing on this great big stage outside
(whether you like them or not...it was fun!)

& the weather was BEAUTIFUL!  (well...for Michigan anyway!) 
it was 50 degrees, which, believe me, when you are outside on NYE and the weather was just days before in the teens...you really really appreciate a 50 degree NYE!
granted, this meant no perfect snowfilled eve...but, it worked great for us!

Anyway, we had a great time!
Friends, food, drink, laughter...& the "perfect" NYE outfit!
{...I was a happy girl}

source:  www.asos.com

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