Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bun & Borough's "Currently"

Today, one of my favorite new blogs... http://sweetseas.blogspot.com/
 listed her "currently"...doings
& she asked us to do ours today...
{which is sooo much fun}

...so here we go!!!

eating/drinking: Homemade Greek turkey meatballs w/ low fat tzatziki & pita from one of my absolute favorite food blogs... http://www.skinnytaste.com/
Emergen-C & a big glass of water!

listening to: Empire of the Sun {Walking On a Dream ~ Treasure Fingers remix}
& Broken Bells {The High Road}

lamenting: The loss of a policeman this morning in our city...
my heart goes out to his family...

pondering: Whether or not all these animal deaths are really linked to the end of the world...
{I mean, I can't wait to experience Heaven...but, I would like to enjoy my son a bit longer!}

wearing: J Brand skinny jeans...Knee high black suede boots...
a Black and grey striped sweater...& red lips! {my latest favorite accessory}!

anticipating: A big fresh homemade salad...& a glass of red wine with my hubby...
bath time & reading my son some books before bed
{my favorite time of the day}
...& snuggling up on the couch with my husband and sweet dog to watch parenthood!

baking: Mini muffins for my little guy!
{the only way to get zucchini, carrots, & apples in him!}

reading: All my favorite blogs...
& getting ready to pick up Little Bee by Chris Cleave from my sister-in-law for my new book!

loving: that I am on week 3 of eating good...exercising...& drinking a LOT of water...

buying: Just bought my first Spring/Summer dress this year!
{& am in love...see below}
...Also, only $300 away from having enough money to reupholster my 2 wing back chairs with my
Rachel Ashwell White Denim fabric!!!!
{a dream of mine to have in my home...}

That was a lot of fun!

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  1. love it!!!! those turkey meatballs sound fantastic! xoxox



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