Friday, January 14, 2011


So...I actually found this "hamper" last year while shopping with one of my girlfriends...
& while Pottery Barn has it listed for almost $100...I got mine for about $20!

Currently, I have my son's large blocks in them upstairs in the playroom
(ya, I know...kind of a waste)...
but, I can't seem to find another use for it. 

Pottery Barn uses it as a hamper, but believe me, I can't imagine using this for a hamper...
it collapses...and it's wire!

Now...if I had one of those really beautiful laundry rooms...
you know, the bright, airy ones on the first floor...with TONS of windows...and it's always sunny...
the one that has the fabulous new washer and dryer...
& stacks of gorgeous baskets and bins filled with organic products...!
then...I would use it!
But, I still think although really cool and vintage looking...not at all practical for laundry.

I keep randomly bringing it downstairs and throwing things in it...
My records...magazines...blankets (I don't have enough pretty ones or this might work)

Any ideas........???????????????


  1. Even in the master bath to hold rolled up towels?
    I do love it!

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    Art by Karena

  2. That's a great idea Karena! I just might have to try that one out!



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