Saturday, January 22, 2011

25 things

(this is from a post on facebook a long while back, but I thought it was fun)

1.) One of my favorite things to do is to Organize (anything)!

2.) I met and knew I wanted to marry my husband when I was 14 years old

3.) I will fight to the death for something I think is right (I don't care who I am up against...)

4.) I got bit in the face by a German Shepard/Husky when I was 12 years old

5.) I would love to have 2 or even 3 more children!

6.) I have the BEST friends, husband and family in THE WORLD...I am very lucky

7.) I will go to my death trying to find the "perfect" pair of jeans

8.) I have 2 tattoos and want 1 more...

9.) My favorite color is White, even though my husband says it's not a color

10.) I drink a glass of wine every night

11.) I lived with my friend Jody and her parents for a year and a half after college and learned more from them then I did in college

12.) I don't go to church as much as I should, but I believe in God with every part of my soul

13.) I would chew an entire pack of cinnamon gum a day between the ages of 9-12.

14.) I have NEVER been on a real date in my whole life

15.) My son is left handed (including Craig and I , no immediate family members on both sides are)

16.) My dream is to work with children...& currently I am halfway through school to do this!

17.) I HATE: green beans, bananas, people that SUCK at driving... Hersey's milk chocolate, tuna, Captain Morgan's, math... mushrooms, olives, people that don't say goodbye at the end of a phone conversation, pudding, roast beef, whoppers, people that don't email back...airplanes, Ferris wheels, timid people, trying on bathing suits, Wal Mart and Mountain Dew.

18.) I LOVE: red wine, olive oil, pasta, salmon, people that speak their minds... garlic, onions, avocados, the show Felicity...and Battlestar Galactica, hydrangeas, & hot pink peonies... mashed potatoes, pizza, dill, goat cheese, snuggling in bed...a white t-shirt, my son's kisses...tomatoes, hummus, french bread, record players, fireplaces, & french kissing...fur throws, spicy Doritos, 3 musketeers, Anne of Green Gables, my beautiful white vintage piano, dark chocolate, Jazz music, Fall...vollyball, playing cards, dresses, & people that don't SUCK at driving

19.) I get sidetracked VERY easily

20.) The first thing I do when I wake up, walk in the door from work, or go to bed is straighten up the house (I feel completely unsettled when everything is not in it's place)

21.) Every items label in my pantry must face front and be categorized else I will LOSE my mind

22.) I will ALWAYS forgive you, ALWAYS wish you the best and ALWAYS be here if you need me...

23.) I have a library in my house that I will fill and read every book before I question

24.) I played softball for 8 years, basketball for 4, and was a cheerleader for 5!

25.) I can arch my right eyebrow (fabulous huh)!!



  1. What a fun read!!!!! I love these sorts of things- great way to learn about others. On my 'days' blog- I would do something called the 'random dozen' sometimes- a blogger comes up with 12 random questions to answer- I may have to start doing that again!!!

    Ps (I need to hire you to come and organize my life!!!!)


  2. I, too, hate bananas and love goat cheese. I find it's rare that people hate bananas.

    And Laura said what I was going to say--I need you to organize my house (and straighten it, and why don't you decorate it while you're at it?) :)

  3. I am all over it ladies! Thanks for the kind words:)

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