Friday, June 11, 2010

the ghost chair...

Recently, I have become obsessed with these chairs...
I have seen them around for quite a while, but I am just now embracing their beauty...function...simplicity, and the absolutely facinating way they can blend into each and every style home beautifully...

{saving my money for either 2 in my dining room or 1 for my library desk chair (with the arms of course)...
or in my little girls room... in pink! (well, if I had a little girl;)}

The Ghost Chair

This one (above) is my the throws on each chair


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  1. Tara--do you read the blog "Apartment Therapy?" If you do not, you MUST! You'll love it. It's all about interior design, largely in small spaces, and lots of budget-friendly stuff, but still really fashionable. Check it out if you haven't! I'm addicted. Check out their kids' design blog too--"Ohdeedoh."



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