Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Tooth!...

 E lost his very first tooth on Father's Day this year!
That little guy worked on that tooth for a couple days...
wiggling it...pushing it back and forth...and showing us about a thousand times
how loose it was!
It was so cute!
I totally remember those days...

So, on Father's Day we were all outside playing and E just pulled and pulled
and OUT came that little tooth right in the backyard!!

He handled it so bravely!
I remember thinking how much it was going to hurt if I pulled it out...
but boy, he never blinked an eye!

That night I pulled up the story of the Tooth Fairy on our IPad and we sat down
(baby tooth in a container) and read the story...
it was so cute!
They have a section where the Tooth Fairy answers questions from kids like
 "How old are you?"..."What do you do with the teeth?"..."Where do you live?" 
It was really fabulous to be able to answer all those questions straight from the tooth fairy herself!!!

What a magical time losing your first tooth...
Congratulations baby...you are growing up fast my love...


  1. Oh yes I remember those days when my kids lost their teeth. Now my grandson is starting to lose his now.

  2. Anne, it is a super exciting time for them!!!! He can't stop talking about it!

  3. Ah! I love it!!! He is ADORABLE!!! <3



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