Monday, June 4, 2012

Donate to the Cause! - Ali's Army

Donate to the Cause! - Ali's Army

I just read about this little girl and just needed to spread the word...even if it is just to a few of you...
I can't even imagine living this nightmare...
Please take a second to read and donate if you can by clicking on the link above. 

Alexandria was born with a very rare genetic disorder, called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP), that has taken her large team of doctors more than 5 years to diagnose. While she suffers daily from stiffness and pain she wakes up every morning full of life and greets everyday with a big smile. Ali is truly an inspiration to everyone around her. She is proof that a disability does not define the individual, the individual defines the disability.
"If you are a parent, you probably can't even imagine for one second, watching your child suffer, not to mention watching it helplessly, knowing there is nothing you can do to help them. It's a parent's worst nightmare. One we are living through. As if this nightmare isn't bad enough, we also have to watch our other 3 children try to adjust emotionally to their little sisters fate. After watching Ali grow and learn to walk and play and run for 5 years it is something that not even our oldest, who is 15 can comprehend. Our lives have changed forever, and nothing will ever be the same again. The only thing that we are able to do is fight to raise awareness and to help fund the research that could discover a treatment or God willing, a cure, and fight we will. We need your help. We aren't asking for handouts, we are asking for support. Please go to the army tab on this website and join for free Ali's Army. Join our fight to raise awareness. Join for this beautiful little girl so she can continue to walk, talk, run, play and draw. And the next time you see someone in a wheelchair, smile. Say Hi to them, ask them how their day was. They can't control the disability they have to endure, and they do have feelings. Ali is 1 in 2 million, support the 1. Never underestimate the power of 1. You are 1. You can help make a difference. Just as Ali was given to us for a reason, you were brought to us for a reason. I AM ALI'S ARMY!....Will you be?" ~ Ali's mommy

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