Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Photos Galore!...

There is something so personal and fun about COVERING a space with photos...
whether it be all around a mirror in the bedroom...
or on a big board in the family room...

I just have always been drawn to it...

But, will they get flicked all over when we are rushing to get our lunches out the door in the morning before school?!
or...will the dog brush up against it and knock half of them down...?

I don't know...but, I think I really might try this out!!!

Anyone have photos covering crazy places?


  1. I had HUGE collages of pictures from junior high up in my room for a long time. Like those big plastic poster frame sizes. Craig may remember them (we were pretty good friends back then). I love doing that sort of thing too... just wrote a post on my 'days' blog about all the pictures we've been taking (for dance and ball... etc). I may have to do that (collage) seeing that I am spending a mint for those pictures! ;-)

  2. LOVE IT! I will ask him!!! And I completely agree...you spend time and energy taking all these wonderful pictures so you can rememeber the great times and then we pack them away! How great to be able to display them...! So everyone can see! Let's do it Laura!!!



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