Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not Just For Weddings...

                                       While mainly a beautiful, vintagey, organic online wedding store...
                                                      it has many many treasures for your home!

                                                         These are some of the pieces I adore!!!
                                         {for on my buffet filled with white M&M's!!!  How fresh!}
                     {Again, on my buffet...this fantastic slate piece for writing life's little pleasures upon!}
                                    {How fabulous are these straws!!! They come in every color!! 
                      PERFECT for a kids party or an outdoor soiree sipping lemonade under the sun!!}
                 {Ordered myself some of these beautiful pompon's to hang from my dining room ceiling...
                       or on dinner plate for a Summer Beach table...on the beds in the kiddies rooms...
                                                the options are ENDLESS for these cuties!!!}
                                         {Pretty, fresh fans for your guests at an outdoor garden party...
                                 just pop them in a tall glass jar and have the ladies help themselves! 
                                                         Very elegant and old fashioned!!!}
                                                      & they have a bunch of beautiful colors!!!
                   {LOVE these old fashioned keys to just throw on a table for instant conversation!}
                                          Or tie an individual one to a gift for a unique gift tag!
                    {Hang these from tree branches and add a votive candle for beautiful outdoor lighting
                                         at a dinner party...or just cocktails and fun with the family!} 
                                                         Ambiance is KEY in my world!!!
                     {How great is this mushroom style cup/cake stand!  Very earthy and whimsical!}
{ADORE this wide brimmed floppy hat for sitting outside in the Summer...Very feminine...}
                      {String these gorgeous glittered letters together to make ANY saying you want! 
                            Happy Summer!  Warmth!  Welcome!  Fun!  The options are endless!
{I cannot get enough of this fantastic cruet!  Fill with Raspberry Lemonade...Iced Tea...or Sangria...}
Yay Summer!!!

Sometimes you can find the most beautiful and unique items at places you wouldn't think to look!


  1. I really like that cruet too! (they're called cruets??)

    When/IF we move I'm def going to look to you for cool decor...great stuff.

    Glad you're back!

  2. Did it not display my name...it's me...AMYRAITT!

  3. hahahahaha! How weird!!!!! & thanks ams!!! xo



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