Wednesday, May 5, 2010

come and gone...

Jeez...can I scream or what!!!!!!!!!!! 
Because boy could I!  Scream, Cry, Shake my fists at God...but all these things won't help (& haven't) I will continue to find the good in all of this draining waiting game...and keep praying to the big guy upstairs...:)

Throughout this whole adventure (I am calling it an adventure to save my sanity), I am definitely learning a lot...patience being the main thing.  Now, I always had patience for children..incredible patience with children...teens, adults, waiting for something I want...not so much. 
Most of my friends would describe me as extremely impulsive!  When I want something...whether I have thought it through or not...I want it N.O.W!  But, there have been a few key things in my life that have happened in the past couple years and both have taught me patience...(but in different ways.)
So...another month come and gone and we are still a family of 3...a beautiful, grateful, genuinely happy, family of 3...

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