Wednesday, May 19, 2010

what to do...

So...I just bought some new barstools for my kitchen island area (yay)!
Now, in a perfect world, I would get my dream stools...because of course, they would be going in my dream kitchen ;) 
This dream kitchen would be a slightly eccentric/modern/glam version of a shabby chic kitchen...complete with a sparkley chandelier, Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic white denim slipcovered stools and black and white accents throughout...
(somewhat similar to these past couple posts combined...which I know, are verrryyy different, but I would try to somehow incorporate the looks)

...{I love the intenseness of the black with bright open airy windows, paired with the bright white and tiny accents of color...
but, I also love the white and grey marbled countertops, which are placed on unexpected rough, or  vintage style kitchen tables...}

But...sadly, I don't have my dream kitchen *sob*...but, I do have a kitchen that I like! (& that is the important part). So, I got some barstools that I like as well.

They look like these, but a little wider and with black padded leather seats...(sounds like a new car;)

Now, I want to recover the black leather because although nice, just a little too modern/masculine for my taste...
My kitchen walls are a pale blue, beige large tiled floor, light wood cabinets with nickel knobs and black (mix) style countertops. 
I have a black and white damask wool rug on the floor and mixes of italian accents throughout...with knowing all are my fabric choices...
what to do...what to do...

I actually saw a pale beige and cream (or white) polka dot fabric a designer put on a clients barstools and I LOVED the look...but still not sure.!!!


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