Thursday, April 15, 2010

my cup overfloweth...

I have a good life...a beautiful life...a blessed life... I know that God looks after me and carefully chooses what I need...not what I want.

I have a wonderful husband, no seriously, the one that rides in on the white horse, picks you up and takes care of you always...he is strong, supportive, patient, kind, humble, generous, smart, caring, and if I do say so myself...extremely handsome...(I could go on and on, but you get the point!) 
He lives for his family and each and every action is filled with genuine care and concern for us.  He somehow knows how to keep himself balanced, while holding us up at the same time...I believe deep down in my heart that he was hand picked from God...just for me.
I also have the most incredible son in the world...he has a ton of energy, is sweet, empathetic, smart, patient, giving, and FULL of Love...  Every morning he says "good morning mama...good morning daddy"...every day I come home he asks me "how was your day mama?"  He tells me he loves me EVERY least 3 times throughout the day...and it melts my heart every time...he rubs my back and lays his head on my shoulder and tells me that I am his best friend...
he absolutely HAS to figure out how to do things all on his own (Mr. Independent;), he never takes credit for something he didn't do & gives props and praise to someone if it is deserved...(even if it is a kid on the playground that did a cool flip and he doesn't even know who he is...).  He is a really, really good (deep down good...) & happy boy.  I am blown away each and every day by this wonderful gift that God has given me and even in my darkest hours this little boy brings joy to my heart... 

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  1. what a shot of E and craig laying there. The fact that he has stickers all over him tops it off!!! its a sweet and salty pic! tender and sweet plus the combo!!



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