Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Food Truck Fun...

Last weekend my hubby and I took E and his cousins to Fabulous Ferndale to visit the
Food Truck street fair!
If you know me, I have Food Network on CONSTANTLY...
it's actually pretty ridiculous.

Craig noticed that some food trucks were coming into town so naturally we jumped on the chance to try the food out!
So, we piled everyone in the car and headed out for some Saturday fun!

They had a little craft table for the kids where they made magic wands...ate ice cream...sampled some kiddo tacos...and Fin got his arm painted!

The Detroit Derby Girls were there working the Beer station and of course we had to support them!...
so we got a couple local beers while the kiddos ate ice cream!

Craig and I sampled a couple trucks out...Perogies (delish!)...and a couple mexican food trucks called El Guapo and Taco Mama Detroit where we shared a korean beef taco with spicy sweet slaw...and a shrimp enchiladia.

It was a wonderful way to try some new foods...and have the kids experience a local food festival!

There were an awful lot of cops for this really laid back event! 

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