Friday, August 13, 2010

*stumbled upon*...

My son is starting pre-school this Fall (yikes!) and I have a million things to do to get him ready...

Batman Backpack (check)
Batman Lunch box (check)

Washable travel silverware in blue (check)
Labels for EVERYTHING (check)
New clothes...
New Shoes...

So...while browsing online kids label companies, I stumbled upon this great site:

According to their blog:

 They use Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic Ink. 

Name Bubbles are made in the good ole USA!  

They are durable, wash machine and dishwasher safe!  (Yay)!  This means I don't have to worry about ANYTHING!!

They have stickers dedicated to Allergy/Medic alert (which thankfully I don't have to use, but would be unbelievably happy to purchase for my son)

Labels for EVERY situation you can imagine!

& what I thought was really can order birthday favor packs!  You can pick the design, bubble shape, colors and names, and have them printed for each child at the birthday party!  How great for mom's and the kids will LOVE to see their personalized stickers!



  1. It doesn't seem possible that he is starting preschool. It sounds like you have covered all the bases to ensure a great school year. Is he excited? Make sure to take lots of pictures. Hint hint.

  2. Those labels are cute. You're so much better prepared for him to enter preschool than I am for my daughter to go! I haven't done anything except sign her up :). I didn't even realize they needed backpacks. Maybe I'm just in denial that she's going?



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