Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A very *Urban* Holiday...

Urban Outfitters has the COOLEST gifts!!!

All these vintage...old school trinkets...I am in love with these...


Crosley AV Room Portable USB Turntable
{I am *hoping* that this is under my tree this year...}

hint hint Craig...

Lomography Diana F+ Mini Camera With Flash
{This camera takes those old skool *dreamy* pictures...}

Tufted Storage Bench Velvet
{at the foot of a bed...a bench for my piano...or even as seating in the dining room}

Pendleton Women's Bike
{Except I want it in turquoise!!!}

This, my friend Tracey would enjoy as well... ;)

Lego Walkie Talkies
{Ethan would LOVE these}!

Sci-Fi Sound Machine
{for me...but, Ethan can borrow it too...}

Antoinette Fainting Sofa - Blue Linen Damask
{how beautiful is this...}

Fisher Price Record Player
{I had one of these growing up...brings back memories...}!!!


  1. Oy, I want the suitcase turntable and the lomo too! I'm off to their site RIGHT THIS MINUTE to look. I'm looking for a vintage children's suitcase turntable for my kids. As far as I can tell, no one makes them anymore, but there are some vintage ones on ebay.

  2. Jaimie, Urban Outfitters has great vintage (remade of course) things! It is so fun to check out and the prices arn't that bad!!! Good luck!



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